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Author MJChrisman & Pray for Micah Podcast Photo
Author MJChrisman & Pray for Micah Podcast Photo

Storytelling—it’s what got me started on this multimedia creative path. As a kid, I remember sitting by the window in the den at my family’s farmhouse reading the Chronicles of Narnia with the warmth of the fireplace burning nearby. I paused and looked out at the fields and woods just beyond the glass pane and wondered if there was a secret portal to another world hidden somewhere out there. That’s when the power of storytelling struck me. I felt this longing to be seen, heard, and remembered, like Lucy and the other Pevensie kids in Lewis’ beloved books. I wanted to tell stories that transported people to other planes of existence and cause them to look at their own world and wonder, “What if I was in this story?”

Years of rigorous experimentation with writing as a craft proved how difficult it would be to tell genuine stories. I began working on a fantasy series that never really found its arc, so later I wrote short stories and poems that got me closer to finding my voice. But it wasn’t until I let go of my presuppositions of “original” storytelling that I found my love for digital media production. Since college, I have worked for various organizations and nonprofits as a communications professional, uplifting local narratives around racial disparities and economic injustices. Through this work, I gained new skills in video and audio production, paired with written interviews and articles of everyday people who are making a difference. 

To this day, I utilize my creative skills to transport readers and viewers into other people’s lives to ask the same question: “What if I was in this story?” and spur them toward social action. This is why I launched the Pray for Micah Podcast. As an ex-evangelical, I still have a deep longing for the spiritual and mystical, so I wanted to interview guests who were on a similar path to explore life’s big questions.


Since the show’s launch, I have hosted people of various faiths and even atheistic worldviews in order to provide space for healing and connection. Through each recorded session, my listeners and I gain fresh perspectives of the human experience by hearing other people’s struggles and triumphs and what life lessons they’ve learned along the way. We share some laughs, too, because in the end we can’t take life too seriously, especially when we realize how short our time here really is. I still have some other traditional writing projects in the works, but starting this podcast and working with other creatives in new multimedia environments has shown me there are so many other mediums to share our stories, and these limitless possibilities are what excite me.

I believe words are like wizard magic and have the power to shape whole governments, policies, cultures, and communities. Join me on this journey toward spiritual and creative discovery and let's find our cosmic significance together.   



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Pray for Micah Podcast

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