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Reviews for The Legend of the Seer

I finished reading The Remnant: Legend of the Seer and I must say, I was highly impressed.... The characters were well developed, the theme was desolate and forbidding, and the depth of detail was engaging. Although I am not a huge fan of books from this era, I was curious to see how things would end up for the main character William. I found myself rooting for him and the queen.​

BRAXTON COSBY, Author of The Star-Crossed Saga & The Sect

It was full of action and adventure. I loved how you never knew what was going to come next. In addition, anyone can relate to this story and find inspiration from it. Those who like action and adventure books similar to The Lord of the Rings, they will enjoy this book. I cannot wait until the next book comes out to see what happens!


Amazon Reader Review

While reading this excellent fantasy, I found myself quickly drawn into the storyline, easily identifying with the characters. Descriptions of each locale, situation, and individual were carefully laid out and absorbing.
There were some similarities to fantasies of Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Piers Anthony. Yet, The Remnant: The Legend of the Seer definitely deserves it's own place of honor, and the accolades, as well. ​


Amazon Reader Review


Author M. J. Chrisman & Fence Traveler Blog Photo
Author M. J. Chrisman & Fence Traveler Blog Photo

I am a voice in the wilderness—someone who will not be bought and sold by the world of dichotomies. Like most millennial kids, my faith deconstruction/reconstruction journey began while attending the university. But first, some context. I grew up in Missouri, a bedrock state for racism, sexism, and all the “isms” to thrive. The Midwest—the land of blood, sweat, humidity, and BBQ—was the Bible belt around my waist, the place that promised answers and security, but rarely delivered them. Were it not for my family's encouragement to ask questions and pursue the Divine for myself, I would not have had the foundation to build upon for the days ahead.  

Spiritual mentors, professors, and my research work on Ferguson and Black Lives Matter woke me up from blanched worldviews throughout my time at the University of Central Missouri (UCM). Little by little, these experiences helped me see the All-One's love for social equity, human dignity, and everyone who is on the path to spiritual transformation. 

I received a Master of Arts in Mass Communication in 2015 from UCM. As a result, I went into the field of digital communications, organizing around social issues like racial equity, livable wages, predatory lending, health equity, and affordable housing. In addition to doing anti-racism work, I currently serve as communications manager for Alive & Well Communities, working toward

racial equity and trauma-informed communities across Missouri and surrounding states.

Even with this meaningful work as a springboard into my young adult life, the questions I have concerning my faith still need answering. Much like David’s tree needing to be planted by streams of living water, my faith in the All-One needs to be continually revivified from the desserts of bigotry, Bibliolatry, nationalism, colonialism—again, all the “isms”. Much like how the world of Trinomia in my Remnant Series began to unfold and develop in my mind as a young boy, it is the promise of another dimension—another way to live and move and have my being—that my writing helps me discover my faith all over again.  


My debut novel, "The Legend of the Seer", was released in 2011. Since its inception, William Ore’s journey has become much like my own: a step into the unknown, into a realm with zero promises and endless questions. While we may start the race feeling so certain of life, meaning, and purpose, it becomes quite clear to us on the narrow, shadowy path that the struggle through these valleys of questions is our destiny and the Divine encompasses the journey itself.


Today, my faith continues to shape my activism, my writing, and the choices and possibilities in between. 

Let my (our) life’s work be for the life of the world. 



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