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I’m Micah Chrisman and I am passionate about weaving my narrative expertise into all of my marketing and communication projects. With over a decade-long career, I have experience working with nonprofits, city governments, small businesses, and corporations. I lead multimedia campaigns on both the local and national levels, developing and implementing strategic marketing plans that align with organizational objectives and business development goals. I excel in ensuring consistent messaging and branding across communication channels, emphasizing clarity and impact. Building positive relationships with media outlets is also a strength of mine. I have experience in proactively pitching stories, responding to news inquiries, and leveraging media relationships to win national coverage.

Marketing Services I offer include:

  • Website Development  

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

  • Videography 

  • Photography

  • Brand Development 

  • Copywriting 

  • Media Pitching

  • Social Media Content 

If you are launching a new business or product, or are wanting to bring attention to a community project or social cause, I have a proven track record in overseeing multimedia campaigns that effectively engage with online communities and generate media attention.

My multifaceted career underscores my belief in the transformative power of creativity and community. I strive to spark dialogue, inspire change, and foster interconnectedness within all of my creative works—where every narrative thread converges to weave the tapestry of human experience.



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