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Professional Portfolio

I am a marketing & communications specialist with 8+ years experience as a strategist & creative innovator. Review my resume & project samples below to get a better sense of my work.

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Video Samples

Video Samples

 Conducted, filmed, & edited interviews

Filmed & edited BTS for DocuCourse films

Movie Trailers

Storyboarded & produced documentary shorts

Documentary Shorts

Marketing Plans, Reports,
& Design Samples

Design Samples

Developed marketing plans & branding guidelines. Click to view full documents.

BGT Comms Plan
AWC Branding

Click to view full report design

BeGreat Together Annual Report

Click to view full flyer design

Sample Flyer

Click to view full infographic

Sample Infographic

Co-created written content & directed illustrator design concepts for booklets.
Click to view full education guide designs.

September Education Guide
October Education Guide
November Education Guide
December Education Guide

Social Media Samples

Social Media Samples

Created & published social media content

Sample Social Media Post 1
Sample Social Media Post 2: BeGreat Together Ecosystem
Sample Social Media Post 3: Educator Chronicles
Sample Social Media Post 4: Global Academy Book Drive
Sample Social Media Post 5: T.K. Smith
Sample Social Media Post 6: Anjeanette Gunter
Sample Social Media Post 7: Michael Toombs Post
Sample Social Media Post 8: Angela Two Stars
Sample Social Media Post 9: #BeGreatForHer
Sample Social Media Post 10: #BeGreatForHer
Sample Social Media Post 11: #BeGreatForHer
Sample Social Media Post 12: #BeGreatForHer
Sample Social Media Post 13: Policy and advocacy training
Sample Social Media Post 14: voting guide
Sample Social Media Post 15: covid resources
Sample Social Media Post 16: educator resources
Sample Social Media Post 17: Self Care Clock
Sample Social Media Post 18: supporting children
Sample Social Media Post 19: educator resources
Sample Social Media Post 20: educator resources

Writing Samples

Writing Samples

Conducted interviews & wrote feature articles

Keith Bradley, Made in KC

"Sustaining Local Creativity" with Keith Bradley"

Emmanuel Williams, Transform Prison, Boston

"How Restorative Justice Fosters Communal Restoration"
with Emmanuel Williams

Isaac Collins, Yogurtini

"Empowering Communities
Through Entrepreneurship"
with Isaac Collins

Annette Houston, Ms. Houston’s Caring Hands, Minnessota

"Saving the Next Generation by
Breaking Cycles of Trauma"
with Annette Houston

Tabitha Darko, Multistudio

"Empowering Students Through Culturally Responsive Instruction"
with Tabitha Darko

Cecelia Viel, Start Anew, Minnessota

"Changing the Lives of
Justice-Impacted Women"
with Cecelia Viel

Earned Media Samples

Earned Media Samples

Missouri Man Paid $50,000 in Interest After Taking $2,500 in Payday Loans
-ABC News

New documentary explores art as a tool to advance racial equity and economic justice
-KCUR News

KC man pays $50000 interest on $2500 in payday loans
-The Kansas City Star

DocuCourse: Art & Advocacy. A Changemaker’s Story refocuses inspiring tale of local artist
-The Pitch

Groups Opposing Voter ID Amendment Team Up to Relay Concerns to Missouri Voters
-Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

#AliveKC is creating change around Kansas City through leadership and action
-The Pitch

'BeGreat Together' eager for Give Black Week support
-KSHB News

New nonprofit surprises first-ever $20K ‘changemaker’ grant winner; he already knows how he’ll invest it
-Startland News

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