The enemy desires three things as one: to steal the Symbol, to kill the Seer, and to destroy Thalorion.


Years after Thalorion survives a terrible war, a young carpenter, William Ore, finds himself the pupil of a legendary general. At first his reoccurring dreams seem to be nothing but merely coincidence; however, one life-altering vision during a training session proves otherwise. When William receives a premonition of the accursed Semion armies returning, his normal life is plunged into a quest to gather allies for the coming war. He and Queen Elona must face sudden ambushes, battles and betrayals that will forge a bond between them… but will they succeed in rallying the world to their cause? As dark forces gather and the god-king, Simoria, rises from his shadowy grave to seek vengeance on the Trinomian world, only one person stands in the way of such immense darkness: the Chosen Seer. 


A Literary Supplement to Pleiades 36.1

Pleiades: Literature in Context is a literary biannual featuring poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews by authors from around the world. Past contributors include winners of the Nobel, Ruth Lilly, Pulitzer, Bollingen, Prix de la Liberté, and Neustadt Prizes, recipients of Guggenheim, Whiting, National Book Critics Circle and National Book Awards, and many writers seeing their work in print for the first time.


The Pleiades Book Review (PBR) is a literary supplement to the magazine that features both essay reviews and shorter reviews of books released primarily by independent publishers. M. J. Chrisman's review of author Adnot-Hayes’s short-story collection, The Year of Perfect Happiness, was published in this 2015 issue.

To see past issues of Pleiades: Literature in Context, or to read the Pleiades Press Blog, go to


A Periodical of Writing & Art 

Volume 14, 2017

Whispering Prairie Press is a non-profit organization based in Kansas City that publishes an annual, eclectic mix of visual art, poetry and prose in their publication, Kansas City Voices. Each year, they bring together established and emerging voices from Kansas City and beyond. 


Founded in 1994, Whispering Prairie Press publishes a magazine that highlights regional talent and welcomes creative work from around the globe. M. J. Chrisman's poem "Adolescence Eternal" was published in this 2017 issue.

To see past issues of Kansas City Voices, or to read the Whispering Prairie Press Blog, go to



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